Update 17/06/16: fixed more links.

If you’re reading this, then woohoo!  My Raspberry Pi has successfully served this blog post to you.

I’ve wanted out of x10Hosting for a while now.  Poor (and non-existent now) customer service, not particularly good uptime, and quite slow to serve.  However, will my Pi fare any better?

I’ve been messing around setting up databases for all my old and less old sites should all be functional now), and for my new projects too, like DoX, which, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have probably been spammed a lot with).

Whilst it’s all pretty much working, I still can’t get PHP to allow me to upload reasonably sized files.  I also can’t get PHP to log any errors.  Like, anywhere.  Anywhere at all.  Despite turning on all possible php.ini settings in regards to logging, php.log remains at a cool 0 bytes in length.  Sigh.

But in any case, welcome!  The old domain will probably be retired soon (it’s currently redirecting all requests over to here), so update your bookmarks.  If you notice anything amiss over here, give me a shout and I’ll look into it.