The things I’ve seen…

  • My physics lecturer throwing a pen at the wall, exclaiming “fields!”.
  • Hundreds of tourists taking photos of… something.
  • Hundreds of tourists looking overly excited at inanimate objects.
  • Hundreds of tourists blocking my path.  (I need one of these…)
  • A guy dragging some metal along a saw and calling it music.
  • That guy that plays guitar and lives in the bin outside Kings.
  • Four homeless guys demanding money and swearing when I say no.
  • Sunshine!  (We’re actually getting decent weather round here.)
  • A guy with a trumpet that follows me around town…
  • Two Big Shoe salesmen.  (Although they seem to be holding a copy of the Big Issue…  I dunno, it sounds like “big shoe”.)
  • A gang of students running and screaming outside like twelve year olds.
  • A big group of tourists outside Trinity taking photos of each other holding apples, or balancing them on their heads.  (Lolwat?  Is this the latest craze?)
  • Three tourists taking photos with an iPad. (Seriously, stop it. It looks silly.)
  • One tourist doing both of the above.  (Sigh.)
  • Students coming down to the restaurant for brunch in pyjamas.
  • A fellow Ingress resistance player.  (You should totally join us too.)
  • Student parties upstairs where the students collapse one by one.  (At least it sounds like that.  *thud* … *thud* … *thud* …)
  • Did I mention all those tourists?

A typical day in Cambridge.