Haven’t seen my original post on the topic?  Go read Time travel.

So, we originally discussed the consequences of pausing time.  But what about actually moving forwards and backwards in time?   Let’s look at going into the past.  I feel that the butterfly effect is a pretty legitimate theory.

Think about it.  As soon as you arrive, you could cause previously non-existent interactions with people and objects from the past, which could, in turn, cause greater interactions and larger consequences.  You could arrive and accidentally trip someone over, they could be late for work, get fired, and completely change their life.  All because you tripped them over.  (Shame on you.)  So I suppose this is more like the domino effect.

Is it fair to believe that going into the future is much safer?  After all, if we change something in the future, it won’t affect anything in the present day.  But does that mean that fate happens?  If we see something distinct in our own future, will it certainly happen regardless of you knowing it?  Ultimately, I say no, for the main reason that you could get injured (or even die) and stop something from happening in the future.  But would knowing your future influence it?  Or does that future rely on you having seen it, in order for it to happen?  What about changing a less distant future, after seeing a more distant future?  They really need to invent time travel already; we need answers.

Relevant: Doctor Who starts again tomorrow! Maybe he can answer some of these questions.  God damn wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…  stuff.