Update: so the results are in.  I got an A* in maths, and A grades in further maths, computing, physics and general studies.  STEP didn’t go as well, having only achieved grade 3s on the papers.  However, Cambridge have still accepted me, and I shall be starting there in October!

So, A-level results are published tomorrow.  Going to find out whether I make it into Cambridge University, or go to Birmingham. Either way, it’ll be a great university, and hopefully a great experience.

I’m applying for computer science (with mathematics for Cambridge).  Cambridge asks for an A* in maths, plus two more As.  I also need grades 1 and 2 in STEP II and III (grades in either order).  Birmingham asks for two As and a B.

Well, I’m took four A2 subjects, so hopefully AAB shouldn’t be an issue.  I’m hoping for an A* in maths, and probably expecting a B in further maths.  Hopefully I’ll still get As in computing and physics.  STEP is probably more concerning.  Paper II didn’t go too badly, despite a lot of worrying beforehand – I’m expecting (read: hoping) for a grade 1 on that, just.  Paper III on the other hand was, to put it bluntly, pretty horrible.  I doubt I’ll get better than a grade 3 on that.

Apparently some Cambridge colleges allow you to do the computer science and natural sciences option if you don’t make the STEP offer – hopefully Robinson might offer this to me if I don’t make it.  In any case, I’m leaving it for now.  I’ll see what I get at 8am tomorrow morning.