This post is the first of many to discuss, or pitch, a new idea, or to reinvent the wheel.  Chances are I won’t be attempting these.  If anyone wants to have a go at making these things, then go for it.

I tend to talk to people over various mediums – texts, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, email, WLM, Steam.  Trouble is, trying to recall something from a previous conversation means trawling through several services to try and find it.  What would be nice, would be if all these different conversations were strung together into one seamless flow of information.

The idea.  You make an account, or sign in with one of the services.  You can then add all the services you use.  Then it depends how deep the app goes.  It could just amalgamate conversations as they happen, then allow reading through them at a later date.  Or, you could actually choose contacts to talk to, select from available services (showing online statuses if applicable) and off you go.  Having past conversations accessible too would be good.

Caveats.  The privacy policy.  Well, ouch.  This app would be dealing with a lot of personal information, and would be a third-party app for other communication mediums.  Importing past conversations would be pretty data intensive.  Would there be many API calls each time to access all the data, or would it all be stored on a server?  It could get pretty complicated pretty quickly.

So…  any takers?