Now that I’m in the summer holidays between college and uni, I have a lot of free time.  So far, I’ve spent it playing games and not much else.  But after keeping up with the tech news and stuff, there’s been plenty of interesting things showing up.  Here’s just a few of the things I think I might want at the moment.  Whether I’ll get them or not is another matter.

  • LEGO Portal.  This just looks so schweet.  If I’m bored, I could just make up a new test chamber (and then maybe make it properly and share it).
  • Galaxy Nexus.  I really need a new phone.  My current one sucks.  SO BAD.  And as far as Android goes, this one’s pretty darn good.  Awfully pricey though.
  • Ouya.  It’s a games console for geeks – open source, running Android, and you can play whatever you want on it.  Pretty wild possibilities here.  I think it’s definitely one to watch.
  • Nexus 7.  Google’s flagship Android tablet, and it’s pretty good for the price.  Shame about the lack of SD card support though.  Plus I don’t really know if I’d get much use out of a tablet when I have a laptop.
  • Raspberry Pi.  Pretty much everyone’s heard of this one by now.  A whole Linux computer in the palm of your hand.  And it’s a steal.  Been in the queue ages, only recently been invited to order though.  Still a few months before I get mine.

Yes, they’re in alphabetical order.  I’m too picky.