Update 17/06/16: replaced some links at the bottom.

I’ve now had my new public profile for a few weeks now.  Some things have changed a lot.  Others, not so much.  I’ve had my old website profile and identity for a while, but I wanted something more modern, more mature.  Something that betters fits my real self.  Enter Ollie Terrance.

I keep my public and private profiles separate.  I have two Twitter accounts, a Facebook account and a Facebook page, two Google accounts, two Windows Live accounts and so on.  I tend to post a lot of content to both at once.  The only differences being the private profile has my personal stuff on too.  Mass redundancy FTW!

However, I’ve hardly posted anything to Facebook lately.  Like, since Thursday.  I know, madness.  I used to post as much on there as I did on Twitter.  Then everyone hated me.  So I cut it down a bit.  But Facebook’s kinda ‘meh’ these days.  Twitter is a much more engaging atmosphere.  Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but so what?  You don’t need them.  You just write stuff.  And people listen.  Everyone’s a winner.  So I think I may ditch posting stuff on Facebook.  It’s good for organising events, and looking gormless in terrible photos of yourself.  As for all my quality opinions and shares, I think Twitter is the way to go.

But what about all this redundancy?  I don’t really want to keep posting stuff to two accounts.  Maybe I should just post to the public one…  or not.  My question to you: how do you separate your public and personal lives?  Do you use multiple accounts?  Do you just keep things private?  Do you just share your public thoughts?

My social activities can be found, among other places, on Twitter @OllieTerrance, YouTube as Ollie Terrance, Steam as terrance and, with a somewhat noticeable lack of posts, on Facebook.  You can see the full set of links on my home page.

I like italic.