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Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it?

Tucked away in this little corner of the web is a hobbyist developer with a number of small and random projects of his own devising. When not at home, you may also find him hacking away at code, recording the tedious details of life, reviewing the front page of the internet, or fighting for control of the world.

Knick-knacks and thing-me-bobs

Here’s some of the more random things I’ve been coding lately.

You may also like to review recent GitHub activity for active projects.

Beatbit Lua, LÖVE

A rhythmic 2D shooter, written in Lua for LÖVE.


Homely JavaScript

A custom New Tab page replacement for Google Chrome. It aims to provide a quick, customizable layout of links and menus, as well as simple bookmarks and history components.


SkPy Python

A highly unofficial Python library for interacting with the Skype HTTP API.


What The Dot Python

A tool for identifying dotfiles in a home directory.

Open Repository

An assortment of published tomfoolery

Of course, there’s plenty more where that came from.

I’ve taught myself various languages over the years – I tend to prefer working with PHP, Python and Java, though I’m also accustomed to C, C++, Lua, ML, shell scripting and more.

Achievement Unlocked! PHP

A real-world achievement tracker. Includes public display of achievement lists, and forum signature images.

Open Repository

Battles JavaScript

A web-based RPG battle game, based on the original Paper Mario games.

Demo Repository

Block Bash JavaScript

A quick JavaScript-based 2-player game of moving and shooting at each other.

Open Repository

Chrachieve JavaScript

Achievements and statistics for your use of Chrome.


Control PHP

A custom status page used on my Raspberry Pi web server. It allows viewing the status of running services, connected devices, files and more.


CrafTable JavaScript

An interactive Minecraft-style crafting game.

Demo Repository

CSV Pretty-Printer JavaScript

A lightweight app for parsing and displaying CSV data in a sortable table.

Open Repository

DoX PHP  Java  Python

DoX (as in do <X>, where X is a task, but also pronounceable like “docks”) is a task management platform that stores tasks human-readable in a tasks.txt file. It aims to be an simple but powerful framework, providing the tools to manage tasks with descriptions, priorities, due dates, automatic repeat and tags, all as an API that can be used elsewhere.


HTA Toolbar Class HTA

A small script and style combo that allows you to easily add a menu and/or status bar into your HTML applications. The menu bar supports multiple menus, menu buttons, separators and disabled items. The status bar supports icons, expiry times and temporary statuses.


Ingress Dual Map Java

Ingress Dual Map (for lack of a better name) is an app that runs alongside the official Ingress app, and shows notifications when portals are nearby. These allow the tracking of distance, hack counts, cooldown times and burnout times, all from within the notification.

Open Repository

Omnifriend JavaScript

Quick access to friends' social profiles via Chrome's omnibox or a dedicated search page.


Notebook PHP

A small site rendering short Markdown-based posts in a neat little viewer. For me, holds a number of short blog-like posts.

Open Repository

Squares JavaScript

You're a circle amongst a sea of squares.

Demo Repository

Startup Launcher HTA

A customizable application launcher designed for listing programs you like to launch when you start your computer, without slowing your computer’s boot time by starting them automatically. No user interface for editing shortcuts yet, you need to manually edit the blocks.js file. In order to make the app appear when you log in to your computer, you will need to add a shortcut to launcher.hta in the Startup folder of the Start Menu.

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Think Fast C++, SFML

An SFML-based C++ game where up to 8 players can compete to complete mini-games against the clock.


Trigger PHP

Load up the page on an unsuspecting computer, enter a URL to redirect to, set up a page disguise and you're ready to go. The page will wait, showing the disguise page, title and favicon, until triggered.

Remotely trigger any waiting computers from another device from afar. Trigger awkward songs and movies on multiple computers simultaneously, and watch from a distance as people look with confused faces.

Open Repository


Vote-oriented Tally Engine: a place to anonymously answer some weird and wonderful questions, and to see how other people coped with them. Ran out of questions? Suggest some new ones!

Open Repository

Relics from an age gone by

These are some of the older projects, either outdated or redundant.

Calendar Sync for Astrid broken

Astrid was a great to-do list app, but one lacking feature is its calendar support. You could export single events from Astrid to Google Calendar, but that won’t synchronize any further changes. This tool will generate you an iCal format calendar with all your Astrid tasks that have a due date/time. Unfortunately, Astrid is no more (kinda?), so this tool won’t really do anything any more.


Mario Worker levels

I used to host a website for users to share creations made in Mario Worker, a platform for creating custom Super Mario Bros. levels and scenarios. Although I no longer take submissions, all previous files are still available for download.


Messenger Plus! scripts broken

Back before Yuna Software took over, Messenger Plus! Live was a great add-on for Windows Live Messenger, providing a number of features, but also a scripting platform for keen developers. I made quite a few add-ons over its life, of which the JScript code for them is available here (along with the packaged script pack files, although they are unlikely to work on newer versions of Plus!).

Browse Repository

PowerPoint games

PowerPoint may be designed for presentations, but that didn’t stop people trying to make something more exciting. There’s plenty of inspiration over at PowerPoint Heaven, so I set forth to bend PowerPoint’s capabilities into a few simple games.


Give me feedback, ideas, questions

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